Goodbye Summer

Hello Everyone,

I could not write new post for a long time because my school has just started and I had moved İstanbul for this. I was triying to adapt the classes and dormitory. But after this time I am willing to add new posts regularly. Due to I have started the blog very recently, your commets are so important for me.
I am waiting for your comments. I hope it will be a beautiful journey for both me and you.

If we come to the point, it is officially the end of summer. Sweaters, coats, boots came back into the cabinets. I like to wear sweaters without coat in this period because the weather is not too cold. It feels so comfortable.  Here is an example for his.

The jean is the Topshop’s item but I found it from 5in1 Canpolat (a boutique in İstanbul). Sweater is the Mango’s new season item. It keeps you warm and it does not make you itch.

Sweater: Mango

Jean: Topshop

Shoes: Shoes&More

Bag: Yargıcı






Photos are taken by Emir Taha Yıldırım.


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